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A 2009 graduate of Ohio University, Justin entered corporate America where he quickly found himself daydreaming about being anywhere else but where he was. Finally in 2013, his dreams came true in the form of a layoff. Shortly thereafter, he was asked by a friend to help care for his dog while he was working, and DogDays was born. Justin shares his home with his one-eyed English Bulldog, Biggie, and his somewhat emotionally-fragile but extremely loveable Boxer, Boomer. Aside from his love of all animals, Justin enjoys live music, sports and Fantasy Football. His plans for the future include one day opening a doggy daycare/boarding facility, owning a food truck and living on his own island in the South Pacific.

JUSTIN (Owner)

Amy walks and boards dogs as well as spends a good bit of time pet sitting in clients’ homes while they are away. She also is responsible for most of the administrative duties for the business. If you contact us, Amy is probably the one you’ll be talking to! Amy joined DogDays in 2014 after working as an interior designer, cafe owner and retail manager for many years. She’s been a dog/animal lover as long as she can remember and has lived with countless dogs and cats as well as a Guinea pig named Aretha! Other than dogs, her obsessions include hoarding art supplies as well as ancient, rusty bits and pieces of anything to use for her art. She sells her art online and at local shops.

AMY (Walker, petsitter, customer service, admin)

In addition to dog walking, Erin spends a lot of her time as an overnight petsitter. She also handles our Social Media and usually accompanies Justin at festivals and events. She loves all animals and has two kitties named Otis and Van. She’s also an amazing freelance photographer, so if you’ve been wanting pics of you and your pets, Erin’s your girl! Oh and if you’re ever downtown and see two Erins, it isn’t that you drank too much, it’s just Erin and her identical twin, Zoe.

ERIN (Walker, Petsitter, Social Media)

Joe is our longest tenured dog walker and hails from Long Island NY.  “Yankee Joe” is loyal, energetic and always willing to go the extra mile for “his” DogDays dogs. Joe is a retired Time Warner technician but also spends many evenings and weekends working at the Schottenstein Center selling merchandise. He also loves spending time with his son and his Blue Chihuahua, Maxine. If Joe’s in his car, there’s a 99% chance Maxine is riding shotgun.

JOE (Walker)

Cathy is a retired scientist and has had many pets over the years; including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and even hermit crabs. Currently she has a dog named Harmony and a cat named Bayleigh. In her free time she loves trying out new local restaurants with friends and practicing Tai Chi.

CATHY (Walker)

Leigh shares her home with her pups Benji and Becca. Benji enjoys agility courses while Becca enjoys getting into trouble and hiding things in her crate. Leigh is also a corporate trainer and consultant in interpersonal communications. She also loves to cook - so much so that she owned a catering business for quite a while until she realized that maybe she didn’t love to cook THAT much.

LEIGH (Walker)

Lenny is both a dog walker and also one of our in-home boarding hosts. Lenny came to DogDays after 18 years in social services working with troubled children and their families. He adores all dogs and has had many over the years including Golden Retrievers, a yellow Lab and a Poodle, but his all-time favorite was "Ozzie", a mixed breed from the Humane Society. Lenny has 3 children and in his spare time very much enjoys hiking and kayaking with his wife of 31 years.

LENNY (Walker, Boarding)

Renee is a Vet Tech and loves all types of animals. She currently has two dogs, Pablo & Leah, a cat named Fresca and two Guinea Pigs, Suzie and Peaches. She is a Bowling Green graduate and has been a New Albany resident for 21 years and has two kids in college which gives her more time to take care of her Dog Days pack! Renee loves hiking and bird watching and is an active supporter of wildlife and nature preservation and environmental causes.

RENEE (Walker)

Megan joined Dogs Days in March 2019 after being a client of Dog Days. She grew up in Westerville graduating from Westerville North High School.  Megan’s career experience has been in the Property Management and the Real Estate Industry. While this career had been enjoyed over the years her true passion is taking care of animals. Megan is a proud pet parent of a dog, Nila and betta fish, Fergie.   Megan has also been a parent to a one eyed cat named Mr. Winky. Growing up her family did not have dogs or cats but she did share a home with a rabbit, hamsters, a bird and a hermit crab. 

MEGan (Walker)

Tina is a graduate student at Ohio State University where she is pursuing a degree in Social Work. Mom to a 14-year-old daughter Cora, and a 4-year-old Calico kitty named Cali. One of Tina's beliefs is that all living things need love. When she's not busy loving the animals she cares for, Tina enjoys many things including learning new stuff, conquering goals, nature, kayaking, beekeeping, acoustic guitar, Jeep life, hiking, and traveling.

Top 3 coolest things she's ever done: skydiving, polar plunging in Iceland, and hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

TINA (Walker)

Chrissy loves all animals, which is why she decided to join DogDays! She has a 12-year-old Poodle-mix, Corey, and a new puppy named Kylie. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with plans of becoming a screenwriter, but decided she would rather be outside than in front of a computer screen all of the time! In her free time, she enjoys reading, cycling, and traveling. Her favorite place to visit is England, and she plans on moving there one day. 

CHRISSY (Website Coordinator)

Dave is a northern Ohio native and retired attorney. He is an active member of Columbus All Breed Training (CATC) dog club and has had many dogs of his own, mostly Airedale Terriers. Outdoor activities of all kinds fill up his free time and he is really enjoying living in Columbus and spending time with his DogDays dogs!

DAVE (Walker)
DAVE (Walker)

Bio coming soon!

GINA (Walker)

Leslie came to DogDays as an enthusiastic animal lover with a lifetime of experience! From her first horseback riding lesson to her 14-year career managing a veterinary hospital, she’s always been passionate about caring for animals. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at Stockhands Horses for Healing, traveling the world, and is working on becoming fluent in Spanish.

LESLIE (Walker)

Lisa was born and raised in Toledo but came to Columbus to attend OSU and never left. She spent 10 years working in veterinary pharmaceuticals and is a former Head Vet Tech. Currently, Lisa shares her Gahanna home with 2 dogs, Pirlo & Maddie, and 2 cats, Vigo & Frankie, however, one day she has her heart set on owning an Alpaca farm. When she’s not walking dogs for DogDays, she is training and competing with her own dogs in agility as well as teaching agility classes at ARF in Gahanna, where she’s part owner.  

LISA (Walker)
LISA (Walker)

Leesa shares her home with her husband, David, and the boss of the house, their rescued Chihuahua,"Mr. Mac"  Leesa recently retired from Social Services, where she taught, coached, and mentored young adults with Developmental Disabilities. Leesa has owned many different breeds of dogs - German Shepherd, Pug, Poodle, a Mixed breed and a hyper Jack Russell Terrier -  but her favorite dog of all time is her rescued Chihuahua, Mr. Mac, because he knows he was rescued and wants to be held constantly.  Leesa enjoys walking, swimming and running a photography business with her husband David.  Leesa has two daughters. 

LEESA (Walker)
LEESA (Walker)
ERIKA (Walker)

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Erica has been in the Columbus area for almost 3 years now, but has been around animals her whole life. After graduating college with a Business Administration degree, she went into the insurance field but left it to go back to her passion--animals! Erika does dog walking, boarding, overnight petsitting…you name it! Her hobbies include live music & music festivals, vinyl collecting, baking, traveling, and being outside -- camping, yoga, gardening, hiking and of course, spending time with dogs!

ERIKA (Walker)


Do you love dogs and want to get paid for it?

We are always looking to hire dog-walkers and overnight sitters in and around the Columbus area. Walkers can make up to $25+ an hour!


  • A passion for animals

  • Reliable transportation

  • A clear criminal history

  • Availability Monday-Friday, 11am to 3pm (additional hours encouraged) 

If you pass these qualifications, we would love to consider you!


If this is the job for you and/or if you have any questions, please use the "contact us" form here, or email us at


We look forward to hearing from you and expanding our team!

Thank you for supporting local business!

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